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Since 1997, resource international has been committed to offering innovative products from all over the world - which are artfully designed and feature quality, value and function. Products which enhance the way we live and work.

Let us help you enhance your business with products we know your customers will love and which will enhance your bottom line.

resource international is recognized as a superior vendor to the trade that services its customers effectively based on diverse market needs. The company offers special order and private label products and services for container programs and direct import.

Serving independent specialty business customers is an important part of our core commitment. Our diverse customer list is reflective of how thoughtfully and effectively we serve all of our customers' various needs. 

Our private label work reflects these same high standards. The list of our high-profile clients is indicative of our ethos.

The breadth and scope of possible products in our private label, design and sourcing area highlights our extensive capabilities. Our experience includes products in natural, recycled, as well as man-made materials.

The resource international product development team is constantly engaged in exciting new projects that will further expand our assortments. We welcome requests by our retail partners to develop custom and proprietary programs. If you are interested in these services, please view the private label, sourcing and design area of our website for more information, and contact us.

Whether you are already familiar with resource international or have just discovered us, we will make it easy for you to find the products and services that will help you and your business.

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