c. 1997

Iggy Donkey Money Bank

Iggy Donkey Money Bank

Item: 148-00401
Color: Assorted
EAN: 5420025347990

Collection: Pomme-pidou Collection

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The original Pomme-pidou collection of ceramic art money banks. Re-imagined as series of whimsical characters by a team of designers in Belgium, with creative appreciation for fun, form and function...and the "art of saving".

Standard size

  • An original clay sculpture is created for every character.
  • Characters are then produced with terra cotta clay by a mould process and fired in the traditional ceramic art method.
  • An original copyrighted design decal is hand applied by a craftsperson in the ceramic process.
  • Finishing details are hand painted. Some characters are outfitted with accessories such as collars and necklaces.
  • 6 piece case pack of 3 assorted designs. A custom gift box is provided for each character, flat packed in the carton.
  • Mini brochure is attached to each character with product story and barcode. Every character is covered in a polybag then protected by a styrofoam mould and packaged in individual cartons with the item number.